Creating Digital Impact

What we do

Creating digital impact

Your Barista tracks trends and what works. Check out our views on current website developments.

Brewing digitally

Platforms that deliver

Our clients agree, without a good digital presence a business is simply not trusted. Brew your digital identity.

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Brewing excellence

Owning a website is only the first step in generating an online presence, Website Café brews quality products that build your brand.

What we do

What we do

Web design

Building a visually appealing website that ensures your online identity is appealing, efficient and clear.

Digital strategy

Knowing when, where, why and how to drive your business digitally is the core to generating leads for your business. Website Café designs your digital strategy to improve the chances of business leads that convert.


Having a website is great, but making it visible to Google is vital or you risk never being found. We consistently monitor and adapt your content to improve your ranking and visibility across the web.


Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimising a website. Website Café consolidates excessive data into an easily digestible, usable report that informs your website content strategy.

Web content

There is no doubt that you are the expert in your business, but translating what you do into a web friendly environment is what Website Café offers you. We distill your content into an appealing format that increases your chances of digital success beyond your competitors.

Social media

We are all connected, at all varying degrees of separation. Leveraging social media is an excellent tool to build your reputation. Being top of mind in a digital world is the primary objective at Website Café social.

Clients say 'Website Café is...

professional and patient'

a breath of fresh air'


results driven'


attentive to detail'

Our work

Partner agencies

Website Café works with exceptional marketing agencies and service providers to deliver a complete solution that goes beyond a website.

Achieving Digital Impact